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Holly SS Ranch Barn

The stone barn was built in 1879 by John Gores and Hiram S. Holly on the SS Ranch, one of the largest and earliest cattle ranches in the area. Hiram Holly established the ranch at a time when Colorado's early dependence on mining was increasingly giving way to agriculture. The trade and commerce at Holly SS Ranch was seminal for the founding of the town of Holly, which grew up near it. Constructed of native stone, the barn is one of the most well preserved stone barns in the region and is exemplary of construction during the pioneer period.

407 West Vinson
HollyCO  81041
(719) 537-6884

Hours of Operation
The barn is on private property but can be viewed from the street. The stone residence is also on private property but can be seen from the depot, looking south.
The barn is located just south of the historic Santa Fe Depot and railroad tracks on south Main Street--a few blocks from US Hwy 50.
Visitor Services
No visitor services available at this site
National Register Individual Listing
Travel Tips
For historical information visit the Holly Museum on 119 East Cheyenne, within walking distance of the Holly SS Ranch.
Entrance Fees

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