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Other Heritage Regions

San Luis Valley - Located in South-Central Colorado, the San Luis Valley's heritage reaches back to Colorado’s first town, Colorado’s oldest church, rich Spanish tradition, historic railroads and abundant agriculture. You’ll find authentic historic sites from our early pioneers, mining booms, cultural traditions and creative spirit. Their many museums, historic walking tours, cultural driving tours, historic downtowns, many heritage events and natural wonders bring our history to life and welcome your participation.

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Park County - Perched high in the Rockies, Park County is a microcosm of Western and natural history. Averaging 9,000 feet in elevation, this compelling region is home to the nation's highest town, ranches, gold mines, mountain passes, and Ute encampments. Historically it was called a salt marsh by Spanish explorers and a game parc by French trappers.

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Southwest Region - There is a special mystique about the southwest region of Colorado. It can be felt among ancient Anasazi Indian cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park and in the quiet of rugged mining ghost towns high in the San Juan Mountains.

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